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“… David has a flawless track record and I for one am extremely grateful. In the end David recommended that we go to trial, I was nervous but relied on his judgement. We won our case and all charges were dropped. I am so grateful for all that David has done for my family…”


We understand that you have plenty of options when seeking a DUI lawyer—Thank you for taking your time to consider Lampman Law. Hiring a DUI lawyer is an extremely important decision and making an informed decision requires far more information than what can be learned from this website or anywhere else online. Indeed, the client/attorney relationship is more than a legal classification or business relationship, it is a critical personal relationship that will impact the result. When hiring a DUI defense lawyer, you should know what you are getting and who will represent you from the start. Accordingly, it is extremely important that you feel comfortable speaking with your lawyer and that you are confident in your attorney’s ability and, specifically, their interest in you and your case.  

Hopefully, the information we provide on this website will be informative and part of your making a wise choice in counsel. Of course, we are eager to speak with you, and to learn about you and your case. We hope you call us to discuss your situation and that you consider trusting us with your case.    

“I hired attorney Lampman for my 2nd dui offense (highest rate). I was being charged with 9 months jail time, Lampman had it reduced to 5 days! Also a shorter probation term too. Great attorney, definitely worth it!”


We practice DUI Defense throughout northeastern and central Pennsylvania. From the time Lampman Law opened we have focused on criminal and DUI defense. We have been in Pennsylvania criminal courts daily and have successfully represented good people that have been wrongfully accused or made the mistake of driving impaired. In fact, we have had many serious DUI cases dismissed and we have won jury and non-jury trials. 

Lampman Law possesses the experience, legal understanding, tenacity and planning skills to truly help protect your future. There are numerous elements to an excellent legal defense; however, preparation must always be the foundation. In sum, we prepare to attack, and therefore we are ready to win. 

“I got pulled over and was subsequently charged with a DWI. As I was searching for an attorney I spoke with several. Attorney Lampman, from the beginning, was honest and upfront with what I was facing and the possible outcomes. He never promised me anything except that he would do his best to protect my interest. I ended up with the best result aside from the charges being dropped but I was guilty so that was improbable. If you want someone who will represent you honestly, without selling you unrealistic expectations I highly recommend Attorney Lampman.”


We ready ourselves for court and build our defense strategies by performing a full investigation of the allegation, police investigation, and relevant witnesses. We do this for every case we handle, regardless if it goes to trial. In short, we insist on receiving and reviewing all the available evidence (police reports, videos [MVR, police body cameras, booking center photos, non-police surveillance], BAC test results and analysis, chain of custody reports, witness statements, etc.) before concluding on the strength or weakness of a case and prior to offering our advice concerning a case’s resolution.

Preparation is at the core of all our defenses, but it alone, is not enough to impact the outcome of cases. The tools we use to attack DUI charges are: a thorough understanding of Pennsylvania’s complex DUI laws and Motor Vehicle Code, the Pennsylvania rules of criminal procedure, the rules of evidence, experience, and, well-designed cross-examinations.

Cross-examination is "beyond any doubt the greatest legal engine ever invented for the discovery of truth.” In our system it is the principal means of undermining the credibility of a witness whose testimony is false or inaccurate. Many DUI cases have a common defense goal—challenge the basis for the officer’s observation on impairment. Another common DUI defense involves challenging a witness’s observation of who was driving. Regardless of the issue, a carefully planned and skillfully delivered cross-examination is the best tool to achieve a favorable verdict. 

Lampman Law also realizes that while an accused may always have a constitutional right to trial, going to trial may not be the right decision in their case. Accordingly, we always offer direct and honest advice to our clients. If, after reviewing all the evidence, we determine that a case is unlikely to succeed we timely advise our clients of our opinion and fully explain our reasoning. This is especially important with DUI cases that have diversionary programs or sentencing alternatives available. In these DUI cases, the benefits of the program may outweigh the risk of trial. 

“After being charged with multiple offenses in a dui case, I needed good representation and I found that in Attorney Gryskewicz. He was very thorough, clear and committed in his practices. He was also very informative of the charges pending against me and the penalties that could arise if convicted. He took the time to investigate all charges and was able to get them reduced/dropped. Attorney Gryskewicz in my opinion was a good choice and I highly recommend his services.”


The first thing we do when we speak with someone interested in our services is ask questions. Admittedly, we ask many questions. Why? Because, we need to learn a bit about you should you choose to retain us. Learning about you is vital to identifying your goals, building a viable defense, and to determining how your case can be handled best. 

Next, we want to hear from you about what happened. Of course, we will ask more questions and discuss the facts with you. We will often discuss how the police may have gotten important facts wrong. We always explain how the law applies.

We will then explain your rights, the consequence of the crimes charged, the court process, and of course, your options. 

Finally, we want to know about your expectations. Certainly, an acquittal/dismissal is always the best result; however, the facts may not present a realistic opportunity to achieve that result. In cases that are not right for trial, we tenaciously pursue the best possible resolution. In every case, we will offer honest feedback about your situation. Nevertheless, we cannot offer our ultimate advice on any matter until we complete a through investigation and full review of the case.   

“Mr. Lampman exceeded my expectations, he was very professional and explained everything I didn't understand thoroughly, he was very honest with what each outcome could be, no sugarcoating or promises that couldn't be met, not once did I feel lesser or looked down upon because of my case, He wanted the best outcome for me possible. He FAR exceeded my expectations, he went above and beyond as a lawyer the outcome was much much better than I could have expected, in fact I don't think it could have gone any better than it did, he even went as far as offering a ride home from my preliminary because I had walked, something that went beyond his duties as a lawyer, Mr. Lampman was worth every penny and then some, I'll be recommending him to all my freinds and family”


We offer flat fees for DUI cases. We also accept payment plans in most of our cases. 

Our fees are set on numerous factors. Our experience, reputation and the quality of our work is factored into our fees. The amount of time a case will demand, and its level of difficulty is also considered when setting a fee.

“I contacted attorney Lampman and responded back to me almost immediately. After meeting with him and discussing my case I hired him. Any questions I had regarding my case I sent via email and had a response within minutes. Attorney Lampman and his associates were very friendly and treated me with respect and I would definitely recommend anyone to his office.”


We use a multi-page fee agreement that identifies the scope of our services and outlines to terms of our agreement. Our fee agreement also explains when there are extra costs for additional services that your case may require based upon the options you pursue and the course of litigation. 

“My case was being horribly mismanaged with severe consequences pending. At the 11th hour Attorney Lampman agreed to accept my case. His insight and skills were impressive. He was able to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. GREAT LAWYER”


We want satisfied clients. If we do not think we are the right firm for a case, or that a person’s goals are not realistically obtainable, we will not accept the case. 

We do our best to get the desired result in every case. That does not mean that we always get our way. Defending cases, particularly DUI charges, is extremely challenging. It is not all sunshine and rainbows. Although we wish we could provide certainty or simply make a result happen, we cannot. So, there are no guarantees related to results. In our opinion you should run from any lawyer that offers a guarantee or describes your case as a sure thing. Nothing in the law is a sure thing. Although we are very confident in our skills, the law is complex, and litigation is too uncertain for such bravado. Our only promise is to work diligently on your case with the goal of achieving the best possible result.

“The representation I received from Attorney Lampman far surpassed my expectation. He was able to work out a sentencing for me which was much better than I had thought possible. He was consistently respectful, knowledgeable, and helpful. He was responsive to each and one of my concerns and inquiries. I also want to mention his legal secretary, Mary. She always treated me respectfully and graciously. When I called the office I never was concerned about my message being relayed to Attorney Lampman. My messages were always relayed promptly and accurately. I absolutely recommend Attorney Lampman.”


Defending the accused is unlike any other lawyering, or other trial work, including the work of a prosecutor. Prosecutors (assistant district attorneys or deputy attorney generals) work diligently to enforce criminal rules to protect the interests of society. Defense lawyers must defend an individual’s constitutional rights and shield them from flawed or unfair prosecutions. The stakes are always the highest when representing the accused and no other practice is as personal. A criminal prosecution is the entire government seeking to impose society’s will against an individual. A defense lawyer must recognize and embrace this dynamic.

When you are facing criminal charges, you need a lawyer that thinks like a defense lawyer and knows how to protect your legal rights. The government has courthouses full of well-trained prosecutors who are paid to enforce the laws and are dedicated to attaining convictions. You don’t need another person thinking like a prosecutor trying to represent you. Instead, you need a defense lawyer that knows what the government has to prove, understands how to help you, and is able to tear their case apart. 

It is now common for lawyers, after leaving a job with a district attorney’s office, to boast of their experience as a former prosecutor advertising to, or directly soliciting, criminal and DUI clients. It is somewhat of an odd dynamic—yesterday they wanted the court to punish you to the fullest extent of the law; but, fortunately for youthey just landed a better job—so now they just want your money. 

Of course, prosecuting a case requires smarts, sharp skills, and devotion. Further, there are prosecutors that have transitioned into excellent defense lawyers. The point here is not to suggest that former prosecutors should not join the defense bar. Instead, the point is that it is inapt for a former prosecutor to suggest, in any way, that their old job will exclusively benefit an accused. Below are just two of the many reasons why it’s unfitting. 

First, knowing how to prosecute a case does not prepare a lawyer to defend the accused. Prosecuting a case is about building a case by presenting evidence to satisfy the elements of the offense charged (the accused drove and was impaired by alcohol) beyond a reasonable doubt. Although it is not an easy task, it is typically formulaic, “within the box” thinking. 

Vigorously defending an accused, however, demands a wider view. It is important to be able to build a defense, but the focus must be on tearing the government’s case down. Remember, prosecutors always get to tell their story first. Defenders must un-ring bells. Doing so demands a measured boldness. Understanding how to do that, while building a defense theory, is the formula for a winning defense. Getting that formula right demands painstaking attention to detail, creativity, and experience defending the accused. 

Second, any suggestion, direct or implied, that a former prosecutor gains either inside information or special favor from the police, the DA’s Office, or the court is not only inaccurate, it is an affront to law enforcement and to our entire justice system.   

At Lampman Law, we are committed defenders. We have developed our skills by practicing criminal and DUI defense throughout Pennsylvania. We attend DUI and defense related training seminars several times per year. We work hard to stay current with developments in statutory changes and case law. We have represented hundreds of DUI defendants and hundreds more accused of non-DUI offenses. We learn from every case we work on. We are proud of our successes. We never forget a disappointment. We continue to sharpen our skills by defending the accused day after day. 

“Attorney Lampman helped me with drug related DUI case. I was facing 7 different charges and he was able to knock it down to 2 and fought for the best possible outcome. Was able to get me Probation with no added jail time. Hoping I will never need him again but if I do, he’s the one I will go to.”


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