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Lampman Law represents people subject to pre-arrest law enforcement investigations. In some cases, we help our clients avoid criminal charges in their entirety. In others, we mitigate the gravity of the offenses charged. Whenever we have the opportunity to offer our advice and to work on a case before charges are filed, we strengthen the defense of our client’s case. We achieve a stronger defense by speaking with our client, helping them avoid mistakes, investigating the facts, preserving evidence, and by implementing a cohesive defense strategy. 

If you or a loved one is the target of a police investigation, you should immediately seek the advice of a skilled criminal defense attorney. Until then, you must do your best to calm down and to make the most of this difficult revelation.

What should I know if I am being investigated by the police?
  • Every day, law enforcement officers conduct criminal investigations before making an arrest or filing criminal charges.


  • Cops do not conduct criminal investigations just to gather facts or to simply clarify what may have happened. By the time the police investigate a crime they already have an agenda and a plan in place to get the information they need to make an arrest.


  • Police officers are trained to conduct investigations to make an arrest. Arresting people is their goal, it is what they do every day, it is what they are paid to do.


What should I do if I am being investigated by the police?

  • Knowledge is power—use this time wisely—be carefully proactive.


  • Preserve and safeguard evidence that favors your innocence.


  • Do not speak with anyone, write anything about the case, nor post on social medial about the investigation.


  • Research and schedule consultations with criminal defense lawyers. Even if you choose not to retain a lawyer, your conversations with them are 100% confidential.


  • Coordinate your finances to retain a defense lawyer and to post bail, if necessary.


Why do the police want to talk to me?

  • Regardless of how nice and friendly a cop might be, it is also important for you to know that when the police are investigating a crime, they are not on your side and it is not their job to care about what happens to you.


  • Cops are free to lie to you and to use you to further their investigation.


  • Officers are trained to get confessions. Most often, the police only want to speak to a suspect to procure a confession to strengthen their case.

Should I go to the police station and/or talk with a law enforcement officer?

  • Do not have any voluntary contact with the police without a lawyer present.


  • It is far better to ignore a police officer’s phone calls than to speak with them.


  • While it is extremely difficult, it is far better to get arrested and remain silent than it is to talk to the police and go home afterwards. Arrests are a temporary problem. Most criminal convictions are lifelong problem.


  • Treat CYS caseworkers and all government workers like the police. They are not on your side. Do not trust them. Do not speak with them.


What can a criminal lawyer do to help me pre-arrest?


  • Hiring an experienced criminal lawyer to advise you, advocate on your behalf, and defend you pre-arrest may help you avoid charges and/or a criminal conviction.


  • If charges are filed, a skillful criminal defense attorney can also coordinate a voluntary surrender to avoid a custodial arrest and to decrease the risks of a pre-trial incarceration.


What should I look for when hiring a criminal defense lawyer before charges are filed?


  • The lawyer you hire should take the time necessary to learn about you and your case and exhibit confidence in their ability to help you. In short, you should trust that your lawyer will vigorously and skillfully defend you.


  • Once hired, the lawyer should immediately take action, develop a plan, and explain their strategy to you.


Does it matter who my lawyer is before charges are filed?

  • Yes, not all lawyers are fit to offer pre-arrest advice.


  • Beware of any lawyer that promises a result or seems to just tell you what you want to hear. Criminal matters are uncertain. Sugarcoating is a disservice. If a lawyer tells you that you cannot or will not be arrested or convicted, demand their analysis.


  • If a lawyer advises you to speak to a police officer, that lawyer better explain to you how talking to the cops will help you; their explanation better make perfect sense to you, and they better be right.


Why hire Lampman Law pre-arrest?

Lampman Law is committed to providing excellent representation to the accused. We have daily experience defending people accused of committing crimes pre-arrest and in court. This experience matters. We do not miss opportunities to develop a defense.

Our lawyers are client focused and passionate. We work hard and smart to provide strategic, creative, and clear defenses. When appropriate, we are not afraid to tell the police or a prosecutor how a charge or an entire case will fail. Lampman Law has the confidence to do this because we know the facts of our cases as well as the relevant law.

If you hire us for pre-arrest representation:

  • We will listen to you, answer your questions, and offer our advice. In doing so, we will put you in the best position possible while we protect your rights, investigate the facts, and build your defense.


  • Within moments of being hired, we put ourselves between you and the police. From that point on, no one will try to speak with you, and we are responsible for your case.


  • We seek evidence to build your case pre-arrest. Depending on the scope of the investigation, we may advise hiring a private investigator to interview witnesses and gather facts. In some case, we may also find and advise you to retain expert witnesses to strengthen your case.


  • If charges are filed, we coordinate a voluntary appearance at a preliminary arraignment to avoid an actual arrest and to decrease the risks of a high secured monetary bail and/or pre-trial detention.


  • If charges are filed, we will be prepared to defend the case at the preliminary hearing and until it is fully resolved.


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