DUI Programming
DUI Programming
  • Programs Required by Statute

    • CRN


      Any person arrested on Suspicion of DUI charges in Pennsylvania whose case proceeds beyond the preliminary hearing must comply with a CRN evaluation. 


      CRN stands for Court Reporting Network. Specifically, it is a uniform prescreening drug and alcohol evaluation. It is done early in the case to provide a recommendation to the offender, DA, and the judiciary, in advance of sentencing.


      One of the chief purposes of the CRN is to determine if the DUI offender will need comprehensive drug and alcohol evaluation. 


      Generally, the CRN meeting must be scheduled within 72 hours of the preliminary hearing. The actual meeting is usually held a couple weeks after the hearing. The evaluation usually takes about 45 minutes to complete and costs $75.00. It is important to that the offender has the following at the CRN: Driver's License, Criminal Complaint, BAC results is not in the Complaint and available.

    • Full Drug & Alcohol Assessment


      Full Drug and Alcohol Assessments are statutorily required in certain DUI cases. Depending on the results of the CRN evaluation, a Full Drug and Alcohol Assessment may be ordered to determine the treatment level a DUI suspect may require for rehabilitation.

    • Alcohol Highway Safety School


      Pennsylvania law mandates that all first and second time DUI offenders complete Alcohol Highway Safety School (AHSS). AHSS is a standardized course designed to teach DUI offenders about the problems of alcohol and drug use and driving with the goal of eliminating future DUIs.


      Alcohol Highway Safety School is a 12.5-hour course and there are five parts to the program. Cost is separate from court ordered fines and court costs.


      AHSS program is available online and may be an acceptable alternative to attending classes in person depending on the County the DUI occurred in. The cost of the Internet AHSS is $225.00. It is extremely important to receive permission to take the online class from the authorities in the county where you were arrested before registering. Without obtaining permission you may not receive credit for taking the class online.

  • Court Ordered Programs


    Courts may also order a DUI offender to participate in programing in addition to the programs required by statute.

    • Treatment


      Courts require a DUI offender to complete a term of treatment as recommended by the CRN and/or the Full Drug and Alcohol Assessment. Some offenders require no treatment; however, most require a period of intensive outpatient treatment.

    • Community Service


      Courts require DUI offenders to complete community service. Community service can be completed with any non-profit (tax exempt) charity. The court may require the service to be completed within the county where the offense was committed. The service should be unrelated to activities involving alcohol.  

    • Victim Impact Panel


      Courts may also require attendance at a victim impact panel for further DUI education and deterrence.

    • Litter Brigade


      Some courts require DUI offenders to participate in roadside litter clean-up in addition to completing community service hours. 

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